UTHS Panther Band


UTMP, Homecoming, & ILMEA Information

  • UTMP Information - Geneseo Show

    • As of this posting (Friday, 9.20 at 2:15pm) - the show is still on at Geneseo tomorrow. There’ll likely be an indoor component but please stay tuned for this as we move forward.

    • Yes, I will blast out information as I receive it.

    • For now, assume the Mark Times is accurate.

      • THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION - Our performance time is 8:15pm instead of 8pm. However, with the indoor component there may be a delay or push up depending on what happens. More to come!

  • Homecoming Information

    • Next week (Week of 9.23) is HOMECOMING!

    • Friday is a busy day for the UTMP.

      • 8:00am - George O Barr performance with folks who filled out the Google Form

      • 11:00am - Pep Assembly During School (UTMP Performs Mvmt 3 during the gig)

      • Homecoming Lunch after the assembly thanks to the band parents and your generous donations!

      • Football game! (Mark Times to come) - we’ll likely do a CONDENSED performance to facilitate other things happening that day during half time.

  • ILMEA Information

    • ILMEA Names have been submitted. If you signed up on the board in the band room, then you’ll notice the EXCERPT PORTIONS have been released. You only need to prepare the non-deleted parts.

    • I’ve taken the liberty of uploading them all for you to see what chunks you have to play.


Band Day Information

United Township High School Band Day Information 2019

  • When?: Friday, October 18th - Home football game versus Sterling!

  • Where?: Report to the main campus of UTHS at 4:45pm. Parents, you can drop your students off with the UTMP from here.

Rehearsal will start in the band room (START) - then we’ll transition together to the rehearsal field.

Rehearsal will start in the band room (START) - then we’ll transition together to the rehearsal field.

  • What Time?: Doors open at 4:30pm. Registration will begin at 4:45pm. By 5pm, we should be ready to meet and talk in the band room. After we establish some ground rules with all of the Middle School students, we’ll transition over to the marching band rehearsal field. By 6:15pm, we’ll be transitioning to the busses to depart for Soule Bowl (more on these specifics to come)

  • Cost?: $20.

    • T-Shirt Included

    • Game admission included (Sorry, parents you’ll have to pay at the gate!)

    • Pizza Dinner included

    • Instruction included

    • A great time and making friends at the high school before you’re there, PRICELESS!


Step 1.) Get with a parent and fill out this FORM! Then we’ll know how many shirts to order and how to divvy up students for their BAND BUDDIES!

Step 2.) In a SEALED ENVELOPE, please include cash or checks made out to “UTHS” with your name on the envelope and what it’s for (John Doe, Band Day Fees)! Partner schools, if you’d rather have your boosters pay in one lump sum that’s okay - but collect the money yourselves and deposit it. Mr. Wawrzynski will come and pick up your forms from you before the event occurs.

Step 3.) Be heads up for information regarding updated times and the like coming to you via the e-mails you provide in the link above.

Step 4.) Start reading through our FIGHT SONG, the STAR SPANGLED BANNER, and the STAND CHEERS we use in your spare practice time. It’s okay to print and bring the music with you - we don’t expect you to memorize it, just come out and have some fun with the UTMP!! Also, just pick the part you believe you’ll sound the best on!

HAVE A GOOD TIME! Questions? Please e-mail me directly at mwawrzynski@uths.net and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


Mr. W

Geneseo All Girls Drumline


See below for information from Mr. Scherer at Geneseo. It’s information regarding a All-Girls Drumline to play for the awards and drum majors at the end of the Maple Leaf Classic.

2. ALL GIRL DRUMLINE - Each year our percussion instructor, Ramiro Martinez, tries to create a special opportunity to students from participating bands to play in an ad-hoc drumline to play the drum majors onto the field for the awards ceremony. This year we are extending an invitation for your girl percussionists to be part of our All Girl Drumline. Ramiro and the Geneseo girl percussionists will be at the middle school parking lot (where your buses will park) during each of the contest breaks, to practice through the cadence with your girls. Please encourage them to participate! I will send those files in the following email.
— Mr. Scherer

Washington Recap

Takeaways from the tapes…

  • Movement 1

    • +Starting groove

    • -More musicality in the pit to start

    • Pulse, direction and clarity.

    • Where is the melody at any given moment?

    • - Woodwind Articulation to start Barber motifs

    • -Intonation on WW feature

    • -Snare/Tenor moments

    • -Trumpet blend in moving moments.

    • -Mellophone counter-lines.

    • People outside the 35’s need to point bells inward.

  • Movement 2

    • -Shaping the phrase and doing it together.

    • -Don’t try so hard - the music sounds too hard for us, when it’s not.

    • -Listen back front ensemble. Don’t look up.

    • -Trumpet melody push/pull

    • -Trumpet chord at impact.

  • Movement 3

    • -Musical intent? Clearer understanding of what the intent of the musical line is.

    • -Articulations at impact.

  • General Comments

    • - Too frantic.

    • +/- Lots of things involved in this show.

    • +/- Great potential.

    • + Professional approach.

    • - Front ensemble/pit… listen back.

    • - Drum majors watch center snare. Drumline drives pulse. DM’s are followed by band. Front ensemble, stop watching DM’s. Pulse discrepancy.

Score Recap for 6A…


Student Band Officer Elections

Hello bands,

Below is a link for Student Band Officer elections. Seniors are in the pool for representing the band department as a whole. All Band members vote, and you may choose students from the entire list, not just those in your ensemble. Seniors may vote for themselves.

Some of the responsibilities include representing the band’s accomplishments at board meetings, reading names and distributing awards at banquet, and helping at concerts with things like setup, tear down, and the like.