Dates for the End of the Year

Hi all,

Dates for the next few weeks…

Mon - 20th - Optional auditions after school. (Come as able, 3:15pm whenever I see volunteers) - we'll audition during class too.

Tues - 21st - Optional auditions after school. (See above)

Wed - 22nd - Graduation Brass Rehearsal after school. 3:15pm-4:15pm.

Thur - 23rd - Marching Band Leadership Meeting - 3:15pm-4:00pm - Also, likely day chair placements will be released.

*To be confirmed, may cancel depending on family plans* - Fri 24th - Graduation Brass Rehearsal after school.

Tues - 28th - 3:30pm-4:00pm - Quick, yet important, St. Louis trip meeting. No instruments needed, just a meeting for as many folks as can make it. I will have information electronically available too if you're unable to be there

Wed - 29th - Grad Brass - 3:15pm-4:00pm

Thur - 30th - Grad Brass/Glenview Graduation

For Illinois Ambassadors...

From Mr. Scherer over at Geneseo... Europe Tour with the Illinois Ambassadors of Music in the summer of 2020, the information meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, at 6:30 in the band room at GHS Park in the South parking lot and use the entrance directly into the band room.

Symphonic Band Superstate Parent FAQ


Here are a few bullet points for Parent FAQ’s…

  • Superstate is a mandatory performance for Symphonic Band Members.

  • This event will occur on Saturday, May 4th at the University of Illinois-Champagne Campus. More specifically, at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. (500 S Goodwin Ave, Urbana, IL 61801)

  • The schedule can be attained by CLICKING HERE. Students must be AT UTHS by 6:15am. Approximate arrival at UTHS will be 12:00pm. Yes, it’s a long day.

  • Students are to wear their concert attire for the event. They may elect to wear business casual on the way to and at the event when not in performance mode.

  • Admission is free to the public.

  • There is no host room for the event. Students’ possessions will stay on the bus.

  • There is no video recording allowed. Please respect this rule as composers have copyright on their product. That said, the event will be LIVE STREAMED on

  • Only the chaperones who are on the bus will be able to accompany us backstage to help with equipment. All other parents must stay in the audience. The chaperones who are helping with logistics, must immediately flow to the audience area.

  • The band will be departing from performance to lunch at Papa Del’s Pizza. We will be sitting together, parents we ask that if you join us that you recognize that we have rented a room that will not be able to accommodate more then we’ve already paid for.

  • Students are on their own for dinner on the Green Street Strip. They are to be in groups of four on Green Street, but this would be an appropriate time to grab dinner with your student.

  • We are asking that the entire band stay until awards are finished (They begin at 8:30pm). If you wish to depart, the STUDENT and GUARDIAN must both find Mr. W and sign a waiver before departing on your own.

  • As of this news post (2:06pm on Friday) - the weather will be partly cloudy with a high of 64 and a low of 44.

Band Banquet Awards Form

Hello Panthers,

We’ve put together a Google Form for you to fill out with regards to receiving awards at Banquet. You MUST LOG IN USING YOUR UTHS ID (sorry parents, you can’t fill this out for your student - this helps us avoid duplicates!)

Please fill this out by FRIDAY, APRIL 5th.

Banquet will be held on WEDNESDAY, MAY 15th (Day before the Spring Concert). More info to come.

Please select the classes/activities you took part in as a band member this school year. Then answer the last 3 questions.
Responses here will result in award distribution at Awards program in May. (Remind your fellow band members, if they don’t fill it out, they do not get any awards).
— Mrs. Minard

Band Banquet Update

As an FYI - the band banquet will be on Monday the 13th as we were asked by the school to help facilitate some scheduling at UT. Sadly, it’s on the same day as the Glenview banquet. That said, May is booked tight and we’ll have to make it work.

Start times, etc will come later. Just wanted to let you know of the date change.