UTHS Panther Band


UTMP, Homecoming, & ILMEA Information

  • UTMP Information - Geneseo Show

    • As of this posting (Friday, 9.20 at 2:15pm) - the show is still on at Geneseo tomorrow. There’ll likely be an indoor component but please stay tuned for this as we move forward.

    • Yes, I will blast out information as I receive it.

    • For now, assume the Mark Times is accurate.

      • THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION - Our performance time is 8:15pm instead of 8pm. However, with the indoor component there may be a delay or push up depending on what happens. More to come!

  • Homecoming Information

    • Next week (Week of 9.23) is HOMECOMING!

    • Friday is a busy day for the UTMP.

      • 8:00am - George O Barr performance with folks who filled out the Google Form

      • 11:00am - Pep Assembly During School (UTMP Performs Mvmt 3 during the gig)

      • Homecoming Lunch after the assembly thanks to the band parents and your generous donations!

      • Football game! (Mark Times to come) - we’ll likely do a CONDENSED performance to facilitate other things happening that day during half time.

  • ILMEA Information

    • ILMEA Names have been submitted. If you signed up on the board in the band room, then you’ll notice the EXCERPT PORTIONS have been released. You only need to prepare the non-deleted parts.

    • I’ve taken the liberty of uploading them all for you to see what chunks you have to play.