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Things Covered in St. Louis Trip Meeting


Here are the odds and ends that went into the (very quick) St. Louis Trip meeting…

  • Click here for the FINAL ITINERARY FOR THE TRIP.

  • A few changes to note…

    • With the few folks that dropped out of the trip, it threw off the numbers for the trip. We suddenly had 3 room occupancy in some rooms, as well as holes on the bus which throws off numbers.

    • I had to cancel a dinner to save money - and we instead moved it to an “at the hotel pizza party” where we can relax, hang out, and decompress from the journey we just had. With the money saved, it’ll cover the pizza that evening.

    • We are NOT performing on this trip. In short, we were asked to rent chairs, stands, and percussion equipment after the quote was established. So, instead of incurring extra fees just to play, I decided against having a performance. We’ll just extend the times we’re hanging at each resort a bit. It’s all marked in the itinerary.

  • In short - be responsible young men and women on this trip. You know exactly what’s right and wrong, and all school rules apply on the trip. That said, if you’re in violation of a school rule (or other common sense rule/law) - you’ll be told to leave the trip early.

The good news? As of this post, we’re paid in full and we simply must GET ON THE BUS. We’re slated to depart at 7am on Monday, June 3rd.

Questions on the UT side of things? E-mail me at mwawrzynski@uths.net

Questions on the trip side of things? E-mail Mrs. Brenda Knick our travel coordinator bknick@grouptravelplanners.com