UTHS Panther Band


Symphonic Recording Tonight...

Hello all,

A few details about tonight’s recording in Geneseo…

     a.) Students are responsible for their own transportation there. Yes, there will be snow tonight so we recommend (and I will instill this during rehearsal today) to take it slow on the way there and back

     b.) We are recording from 6pm-8pm. If we get our takes done, we may dismiss early depending on if we “got it” – that said, I recommend students get to Geneseo HS at 5:45pm so they can warmup and situate themselves. I will make it a point to be there no later than 5:30pm myself to get things set up

     c.) Please make sure you have everything you need for tonight. Music, instrument, any mutes they may need.

Thank you very much. This will be a fun venture and we’ll have something great and tangible on the other side. We will be submitting this for several festivals, including the University of Illinois Superstate Festival, Music for All Concert Band Festival, and Illinois Music Education Conference’s Concert Series.

Students will have a study hall tomorrow during class to give them time to catch up in anything as a result of tonight’s recording.