January Announcements (Please read)

Hello - please see below for announcements for January…

  • We are cancelling tonight’s meeting and all “monthly band parents meetings” moving forward. I will instead be making a newsletter that I will blast out.

    • The reasoning for this is that everything I cover in a meeting, I end up putting online anyway. We have no account that we control that requires parent voting - and as such it’s a redundant practice that I found unnecessary after 2.5 years.

    • I will continue to reach out for volunteers for specific things. Speaking of volunteers, I will be pushing out a request form to NOMINATE and then VOTE on interested volunteer coordinators. I will have more information within the forms themselves ASAP.

    • If we ever need to HAVE a meeting (i.e. next year’s Solo & Ensemble hosting) - we will certainly call those meetings.

  • St. Louis Reminder: Please fill out the permissions packet and turn in to Mr. W as soon as you can. Please make sure you’re on top of your payments - the sum total is due before we depart, but make sure you’re not having to put down a lump sum right before summer vacation.

  • Jazz Band: Plan on rehearsing tomorrow (1/9) after school. I haven’t heard back from Mr. Lyle yet but will let you know as soon as I do.

  • St. Ambrose Honor Band - this will occur on Saturday, March 8th. Nominations will be due February 1st. I will send out a form announcement later for those who are interested. The costill be $25/student. This includes instruction, lunch, and a shirt.

  • Augustana GOLD Honor Band - please check the Google Drive. The final piece has been added. (Kunihild)

  • Colorguard Clinic & Auditions - These will occur February 4th-7th (Monday-Thursday) with auditions proper happening on Friday, the 8th. 4:30pm-7:00pm.

  • Symphonic Band Trumpets - you have a sectional on Thursday, 7:15am-7:45am. Mvmt 1.

  • Symphonic Band Clarinets - you have a sectional on Friday, 7:15am-7:45am. Mvmt 2 & 3.

  • Symphonic Band - Jan 14th - Evening Rehearsal - 6pm-8pm.

  • Jacob Sommer - I will have All-State information available for you soon.

  • Friday, Jan 11th - Basketball pep band.