UTHS Panther Band


Tux/Dress Message from Mrs. Minard

This message is for the families of those students who purchased a dress OR tux prior to this year. These students have been assigned a homework assignment – try on the uniform and make sure it fits. 


Students are being measured for tuxes and dresses during class. If your child needs a larger or smaller size in something, I recommend selling the used piece at half price, and purchasing new.  I say piece, because the pants can be let out/hemmed and probably have adjustable waist, so you may only want to purchase a new coat or shirt. 


If re-selling is something you want to do, you must notify Mrs. Minard by Friday, August 31, with the type of item and size. I will put you in touch with someone who is purchasing for the first time that fits that size. All dress and tux orders are due by September 15. By notifying me of changes by this Friday, then families have time to plan accordingly regarding their final order.



Juliet Minard

Assistant Band Director