UTHS Panther Band


Concert Tonight: Flow

Happy concert day!

General flow for the evening...

6:45pm - Report time for band students. (Choirs on different schedule)
7:00pm - Choir Begins
~7:45pm - Choirs End. Jazz Begins. Concert Band setup begins behind closed curtain.
~8:00pm - Jazz Ends In The Pit. Music stands go to CB percussion. Concert Band Begins.
~8:20pm - Concert Band Ends. Transition stage. Maybe ~5 minutes (just pulling chairs from CB setup)
~8:30pm - Symphonic Band Begins.
~8:50pm - Symphonic Band Ends.

Everything else I've covered in class a few times. So, let's have a great gig! For some of us it's our last one - let's make it count!!