UTHS Panther Band


Tuxedo and Dress Care

Good morning Band families,

This message is to inform you of the procedures for uniform care and handling for Band performances.

Tuxes and Dresses are currently being delivered and given to the students. These uniforms are to be worn for EVERY band performance unless otherwise designated. 

1. Keep the uniform AT HOME. Students are expected to arrive to the performance already in uniform, so get dressed with uniform, black socks, black dress shoes before you arrive. In some cases, if the uniform has not been paid in full, it may need to be kept in the Band office. 

2. Keep the uniform clean and pressed.

Tuxes: if you need cleaning, that is at the student’s expense and should be dry cleaned. 

Dresses: if you need cleaning, these are machine washable, however, we recommend hanging dry, as this will allow for less wrinkling. If pressing is needed, use a pressing cloth/towel between the dress fabric and the hot plate iron. Do NOT iron beading. 

3. All dresses and tux pants arrive without a hem. 

PURCHASED uniforms: if you have purchased to own your uniform, you may consider cutting some fabric as you hem. Keep in mind, you should leave 3-6 inches of fabric to allow for growth. You should only hand-stitch the hem in order to let it out as you grow.

RENTED uniforms: Do NOT cut any fabric off of the bottom, but only hand-stitch a temporary hem. You are expected to have pants/dress hand-stitched at the hem. This is a formal wear outfit and needs to look fitted to your body.

4. If carrying your uniform to an event such as a Chicagoland Band Festival or Yearbook Picture Day, you MUST contain the uniform in a garment bag – such as a dry cleaning bag, garbage bag covering hanger, or long term zippered bag. You also MUST LABEL the bag/items with your name. The school is not responsible for lost items. Consider taping your initials into the inside of the collar or pinning a unique ribbon to the collar to distinguish your uniform from others. 

5. If you should grow considerably before the end of the school year, please contact the Band Office. We will likely be able to accommodate changes. If items were purchased, there will be a cost to you. If rented, we should be able to make an even exchange. 

If any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Minard or Mr. W.