UTHS Panther Band


Pep Band Roster

Pep Band:

All winds have been assigned to a pep band. We play at all HOME, WESTERN BIG SIX, VARSITY Men's and Women's games.

You wear school colors OR whatever the theme is that night. But, you won't be sent home if you forget or anything. Just make sure you're there.

There are THREE bands to cover these games. Orange band has 4 games. Black and white bands have 3 games. White band has ONE game over winter break.

Subs: If you cannot make it to a pep band game, that's okay - but you NEED TO FIND SOMEONE TO COVER YOUR PART. If you know NOW of an event later, find a sub NOW! (Pep band begins in mid-November) - so you've been given lots of heads up.

The tangible sign up in the band room can be used to fill out the bottom right hand portion for anyone that wants to cover drum set (need to be able to play 4/4 rock grooves with fills as appropriate) - having 2 drummers per game is very important.

Low brass - you may use trombones if you wish. Tubas, we'll use Sousaphones for these games.

Mrs. Minard and I both run these games and can sub for one another. Mr. Greer has been known to fill in in a pinch as well.

Other ?'s can be e-mailed to me at mwawrzynski@uths.net