Big News Post For EVERYONE...

Lots to cover, so I’ll try to keep it to bullet points…

  • St. Louis Trip folks - the first payment will be due on October 24th online to Group Travel Planners. Please direct questions to our GTP Representative, Ms. Brenda Knick at the following e-mail address…

    • Remember - you must create an account on their website to facilitate payments. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS. These instructions are also in your UTHS provided e-mail.

  • Symphonic Band - on Friday, November 9th we’ll be hosting an assembly honoring our area’s Veterans. You were given this music last week (as of this posting) to begin working on. This is important and goes beyond just us - this is what we can bring back to these veteran’s. So, please dress nice that day (Audition attire, Sunday best, you get the idea). More information to come but this will happen DURING THE DAY. I’ll make sure to excuse you from class so you can get set up/warmed up/etc.

  • Jazz Band - once I get some information from Mr. Lyle, there will be a BRIEF and very CHILL audition after school on Wednesday, October 24th. Rehearsals will begin on Monday, Nov 5th. Jazz band will meet on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS after school.

  • Seniors - not band related, but Friday, October 26th are Senior Yearbook Picture Deadline. Get in touch with Mrs. Green ( for this.

  • ILMEA District 2 Participants - BAND and CHOIR (not orchestra) - meal money is due to me by Wednesday, October 17th - $6.50 for lunch (pizza), and $9.50 for dinner. Checks to made to “ILMEA”

  • Brass Quintet - on Wednesday, November 7th we’ll have a brief gig at the River Bend Hotel that will be opening up that week. I’ll have a call time for you soon but we’ll get some nice brass quintet music in your hands for the event.

  • Basketball Pep Band - Just planting a seed that we’ll release BASKETBALL PEP BAND rosters soon. Everyone will be split into 3 bands, and you’ll have games assigned to you. If you cannot make it on an assigned day, you must find a sub from another band on the same instrument/part as you.

  • Concert & Symphonic Bands

    • Friday, October 19th - Dr. Lambrecht (Augustana College) will join us for rehearsal for a clinic during class. Please get set up ASAP to maximize our time with him.

    • Fall Concert is on November 1st at 7:00pm. More information to come. Obviously, concert tuxedos and dresses.

    • Thursday, November 8th - The Western Illinois Woodwind Quartet will be performing during class at UTHS as well as giving a clinic to our woodwind folks. Should be a good time!

    • Friday, November 9th - More information to come - but those who are interested, that evening we’ll have folks go to a Quad City Storm (the new hockey team) game and play the Star Spangled Banner w/ Eagle Ridge students. I’ll have a ticket order form for you soon as soon as I receive it from Mrs. G @ ERS.

    • Friday, November 9th - Same day, and as mentioned, Symphonic Band will perform at the Veteran’s Day performance during the school day. Dress nice.

    • Saturday, November 10th - ILMEA District Festival for Band/Choir at Augustana College.

    • Wednesday, November 14th - Band Pictures to be taken DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. Bring your concert wear.

    • Thursday, December 13th - Holiday Concert w/ Choir.

  • Marching Band - the information you’ve been waiting for, the MARK TIMES for Illinois State and Western Illinois!!!