Band Parent Meeting Bullet Points

Hello all, here are the bullet points from our parent meeting on 5/2.

  • Tentative calendar released for the summer and next year.  These dates are pending confirmation from the school but will help in your planning throughout the year. Dates can be added or detracted at this point in time. Some marching contests are still up in the air.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Verschoore are starting a Non-Profit to support UTHS and our partner schools in order to raise funds to send students to music camps. This will take awhile to develop, but is a very generous thing they've begun to handle. If you find a grant that might fit this bill, please send to them or myself.
  • The tentative schedule for next year (pending any issues with scheduling, etc.) will likely be
    • 1st Pd - Prep
    • 2nd Pd - World Drums
      •      This is a class for students who didn't join band, and are interested in receiving fine arts/language credit. Basic notation, African & Caribbean hand drumming, and research will be done in this class. This period may change to 1st or 3rd depending on the needs of the master schedule.
        • 3rd Pd - Sectionals
        •      This is time that will be spent taking students from study hall and working on band music that is necessary.
        • 4th Pd - Concert Band (1st Q = Wawrzynski Lunch)
          •      1st Quarter this class will be taught by Mrs. Minard. This is for any student in concert band that is not in marching band. Students will be working on the basics of their instrument and will put on one small concert during the end of 1st quarter.
        •      2nd/3rd/4th quarters this class will have the other concert band members join, once marching band class is over.
        • 5th Pd - Marching Band (1st Q)
          •      Anyone involved with the Marching Panthers must enroll in this class. This period will serve as the students' 2nd/3rd/4th Q PE class once marching season is over.
          •  6th Pd - Symphonic Band
            •     This will remain the same as years past. The premiere ensemble at United Township High School's instrumental department.
            • 7th Pd - Percussion
            •      Both concert and symphonic band percussionists will enroll in this class. Due to the highly individualized, soloistic nature of this section - UT is adopting this class, as many schools around the country have, in order to improve the individualized education of the percussionist. We will form a percussion ensemble, perform solos and small ensembles for one another, as well as for contest. In addition, we will continue to supplement the wind sections with their literature as well. Students will rehearse 1 or 2 times with the wind ensembles prior to a performance, wherein the percussion class will act as a study hall on those days to make up for the time they may be pulled from class. There are 2 sections of percussion class, concert & symphonic.