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SmartMusic Sign-Up

Smart Music Sign Up...


Hello all. This video below is a great tutorial for how to get signed up for our new assessment system next year, Smart Music! It's all web-based (no installation of software required), and I'll be responding to more questions and the like at our marching band meeting or at the start of the year.


Before watching it - keep in mind that this is another music educator doing this for another school. Our class codes will be below. I'm also not planning (as of this post) to use Google Classroom this upcoming year. So, he has a post within HIS Google Classroom. Ignore that, THIS is your equivalent posting to get you signed up.


There are no assignments in SmartMusic yet, but Symphonic Band and Marching Band will have a few over the summer. Don't fret, it won't be anything crazy and we're going to work to implement this technology slowly.


For the video, this particular teacher makes his students put in their SCHOOL e-mail. Vets, put in your SCHOOL provided Google address and user name. For incoming freshmen, simply PUT AN E-MAIL THAT YOU CHECK REGULARLY. We'll go in and change it later after school kicks off.




Class Codes for UT Ensembles...

Marching Band = 3CAA4-TDUH6

Symphonic Band = VUD2T-KZUDH

Concert Band = FVNJD-AKFU7