UTHS Panther Band


Remind - Opt in or out

Hello again,

What with the transition of classes... and the fact that band never truly stops... this post is to help both those INCOMING and OUTGOING folks get IN or OUT of the right ecosystem.

Class Codes for UT Music...
Colorguard = @utguard
Concert Band = @utconcert
Symphonic Band = @utsymph
Marching Band = @uths2k17
Percussion Class = @utperc
Parent Pit Crew = @6bgkg
Jazz Band = @uthsjazz
Full Program = @uthsband (this is rarely used - but I'd like everyone to sign up for this one just in case)

Here are instructions on how to OPT IN to any of the classes above!

Folks who are graduating or not returning to band, here's out to OPT OUT!