UTHS Panther Band


End of Year Band Announcements

I suspect this will be the last "long post" of announcements for this academic year. So, here you go...

  • Dr. Fansler is the Director of Bands at Western Illinois University. He personally e-mailed us at UT to see if students would be interested in two camps they're offering.  It occurs from June 25th-30th.
    • Their Senior High Band Camp is at very low numbers. Currently...
      • Fl - 1       tpt - 2

        ob - 1      hn - 2

        bsn - 1    tbn - 3

        cl - 3       euph - 0

        b cl - 1    tuba - 3

        sax - 1    perc - 0

WIU also has a a leadership camp available. Many UT students have partaken in this event in the past. It's NOT required of our marching band leadership... but is open to everyone (including non-leadership folks) if you think this camp might be able to teach you some things.  It occurs from June 25-30th.

We have our mandatory marching band meeting on June 6th, at 6:30pm, in the UT Auditorium.

June 7th, 6pm-8pm - is our first summer rehearsal. It is mandatory that everyone be at this rehearsal as well.

We'll be holding elections for band council tomorrow, 5-25. This will occur during band.

Graduation Brass will be reporting on June 3rd for graduation. More information to come. 

A list of folks needing to take the final (if they haven't auditioned for next year - which otherwise is your final) will be posted tomorrow (5-25) outside the band room doors. 


As always, please e-mail me with questions.