UTHS Panther Band


Final Day of Finals


Hey all. I won't be here for the last day of finals. A few things...

Both concert and symphonic folks have a new piece to take home. Grab the part you typically play. Symphonic band has King of Love and
La Belle Helene. In short, we're mixing it up because we had two dance suites... So we'll do these two pieces and Celtic for festival rep.

There's solo and ensemble music out for your perusal. If you want something that's okay... Just take it cleanly and take all of the parts and put the stack back neatly. You'll need to sign it out on the provided check out list. This will be available when we come back too.

Finally do not use the band exterior door. All of the very loose S&E music is right there. It took me about a month to line everything up the way it is there... So please, go to the hall door.