UTHS Panther Band


Symphonic Band Brass Audition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I'm thankful for all of you!

Having said that - if you are a concert band trumpet/euph/bone/tuba and you're interested in a special audition for Symphonic Band - EMAIL ME (mwawrzynski@uths.net) if you'd like the audition materials for a POSSIBLE bump into symphonic band.

Details below... but again, you MUST e-mail me if you'd like the music. (If you're going to do symphonic band, you've got to be able to show initiative and open your school e-mail)

Please know that just because you're auditioning doesn't guarantee entry into the group. These are voices I'd like to have more of but don't necessarily need if the parts are not prepared adequately. I am also not responsible for the resulting schedule change that may occur as a result.

December 8th we'll hear it AFTER SCHOOL. (Still prepping for holiday concert at that point so I don't want to burn class time). Use a metronome when practicing. You'll have to prepare both etudes in the PDF you'll receive via e-mail.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Practicing!