UTHS Panther Band


Parent Letter for Tuxedo Fittings as of This Date

Dear Parents & Students,

The UTHS concert season is fast approaching. For those of you who need Tuxedos, UTHS has
partnered with Moments with Class to provide both Rental and Purchase options this year.
Tuxedos include black adjustable waist pant, black lapel jacket, white wing collar shirt, bow tie,
and cuff links. You are responsible for the care and cleaning of all of the tux pieces during the
year. We expect you to keep these garments clean and pressed.
Moments with Class was here last week to get measurements and collect payment for the
Tuxedos. Thank you to those of you who made time to see Dustin that day. If you were
measured that day, but have not yet provided payment for your tuxedo – please contact
Moments with Class today with your payment information. No tuxedos will be ordered without
payment in full.

For those of you who were unable to make it on Monday, Moments with Class will be back one
more time for your FINAL CHANCE to get measured at the school. Dustin will be back at UTHS
to measure this Tuesday, right after school.

17th 2:45pm – 3:45pm

The following options are available to you for the 2017-18 Concert Season:
RENTAL: $99.00 for the entire Concert Season. (Price valid if ordered & paid for by October
17th.) Return all Tux Pieces within 7 days of the last concert.

Fees will be added for missing items or late returns of these Rental Tuxedos.
PURCHASE: $129.95 (+ tax & shipping) Total (if ordered by October 17th) comes to$149.05.
The purchased Tuxedos do come with unhemmed pants. You will need to have them
hemmed prior to the first concert. We recommend leaving a hem allowance so that they can be
lengthened later.

In order to accommodate the concert schedule and our need to have these Tuxedos in the first
week of November and to keep shipping costs at a minimum, Moments with Class will be
placing only ONE (1) order of Tuxedos for UTHS Concert Attire. This order will be placed
immediately after our Final Deadline on October 17th

. There will be no guaranteed delivery and no additional fittings at the school for any orders placed after October 17th

. There will also be additional processing fees on any order placed after October 17th

. So please make it a priority to get this taken care of in the next few days.
Moments with Class, LLC
4332 State Street
Bettendorf, IA 52722
(563) 888-1694

Monday 11 - 6
Tuesday 9 - 5
Wednesday 9 - 5
Thursday 9 – 5
Friday 9 - 3
Saturday 10 - 12
Sunday Closed