Augie Honor Band Information from Dr. Lambrecht

Please see below for an e-mail from Dr. Lambrecht regarding weather and the upcoming rehearsals...


Hi all,
So, welcome to our usual Augustana Honor Band weekend. Many of you have started
contacting me (for good reason) regarding the weather situation for Sunday, Sunday
evening, and into Monday morning. Let me give you a couple of details first, then what
our options could be.
First, in the 30 years I've been here, we've never had to cancel the entire honor band.
We've been fortunate in that the bad weather either happened soon enough before 
the Sunday start, or it was during and then got cleaned up by the time everyone had to leave
Monday evening. The problem this year is the timing of the weather in that it might be
happening on Sunday during travel.
Second, only once did we have to combine both bands in order to come up with an ensemble
of those students who were able to attend. Some of you might remember that year.
So what are left with? I think this is going to have to be a decision that is made either late
Saturday or during the day on Sunday as we see what the storm will do. I would rather
not cancel at this time in case the storm tracks more to the south and/or it becomes more of
a rain event. I wish I could be more definitive at this point, but I'm just not sure what this
is going to produce. Many of you have to follow school administrative guidelines and decisions,
and I am completely understanding of your situation.
Please communicate questions or decisions as they occur so that I can decide how to proceed
with the weekend in terms of instrumentation, the ensembles in general, and the weekend
in total. If we cancel you will not be charged for the honor band. I'm going to have to eat
the expenses, but that's simply one of those things. The safety of our students always
comes first.
Thank you all for everything you do for your kids and their best interest. Hopefully, we can
still do this, but let me know if things change for you (I will do the same).