Raffle Tickets - Let's Make this Interesting

Raffle Tickets...


Let's make this interesting. I want to outsell EVERY group on campus this year. So, with your help - I'll raise the steaks a bit.


As of right now we're at 29 tickets sold. That's 8 more than any other group on campus. (However, we have far and away the most students in any activity). Last year we only sold 67 tickets.


Let's be ELITE and kick that in the butt...


75 Tickets... I'll dye my mustache. (Color of band's choice)

100 Tickets... I'll dye my head of hair.

125... I'll dye my goatee.

150... I'll play the Star Spangled Banner at the next sporting event in the Panther Pete costume (permitting I can squeeze into it)

200... This would be the worst. I hate dressing up. I'll just put it out there. I will begrudgingly wear a suit and tie everyday in the month of May.


These stack up too - so by May you could have a red, white, and blue haired band director wearing a suit and tie to band.


So - do you got what it takes to get rid of those tickets?


Marching band people - if you can't sell your tickets, give them back to us ASAP so we can redistribute to the concert band and symphonic band students that didn't get one yet.