Opener is up!

Movement 1 is up!


After trying to figure out a myriad of formatting issues, the opener is up on the website. ... "Digital Files" -> password is "REDACTED" (See the FB group OR your e-mail for the password)


There are several files. One is a link to a bunch of scores. If you're curious how your part fits into the others, they're good to glance at. Drum Majors, I would like you to print off the WINDS score.


There are also several audio samples within it. There is a winds only audio... battery only audio... front ensemble only... and full band audio. Download away and listen. If you'd like to hear your part, e-mail me and I'll try to send you YOUR part ASAP.


There's a massive PDF of all of the parts compressed into one. Simply click it, scroll to your part, and practice! I'll have copies for everyone on Wednesday.


If you don't know your part just yet, just pick one to practice and you'll be assigned a specific part on Wednesday. Remember, a 2nd or 3rd part is often more important than 1st.


Practice away and we'll see each other on Wednesday!