Updates Week of 12/5

Announcements: Week of 12/5

1.) If you signed up for Augie honor band, I submitted all of the names. It's up to Augustana who they will accept. More information is up on the board.

2.) Friday, during class, we will take our photo (rescheduled from our water main break day off). Please remember your tuxedos/dresses and all of the other things that go with it (shoes, socks, bow-tie, etc.)

3.) Monday morning I'll be at Griggs selecting contest literature for Solo & Ensemble. If Mrs. Juliet Minard is there in the morning, she will let you into the band room but you must be swift as she will be getting ready for 1st period.

4.) Please remember to put your stuff away, in your locker, with a lock. The band room proper should never hold your stuff. Use the locker room or your assigned school locker.

5.) Tuesday, Dec 6th at 6:30 will be our monthly band parent meeting. Big ticket items are an update on concessions from Mrs. Theresa Bumann, and deciding which travel agency we want to use for our next trip. Bob Rogers vs Group Travel Planners. Meetings of this nature shouldn't last more than 30 minutes.

6.) Thursday, Dec 8th we'll be hosting Glenview's Holiday concert. We could use a few Tri-M members to help with chair/percussion setups. I believe there will be some service hours available. We could also just use a few smiling faces to welcome parents and students and to help clean up after. The biggest favor you could do the program is to talk up band and calm the fears many 8th graders have of making the jump from middle school to high school.

7.) Finally, as Mr. Joel Bacorn has mentioned, Saturday is Tuba Christmas at Southpark Mall. Tubas, euphoniums, baritones, and sousaphones are all welcome. Link below for information.