UTHS Panther Band


Mr. W out sick - Google assignment

Out of school tomorrow:

Hello students. Well, it's finally hit - the fact that my body hasn't adjusted for midwest bugs yet. I'm a sick-o that won't be of much use to you tomorrow.

Mrs. Juliet Minard will be filling in for me. However, I have all of the particulars right here.

Below is an assignment I posted to Google classroom that may be submitted either in classroom OR by way of e-mail (mwawrzynski@uths.net) Simply put - it's going to ask what you did in class tomorrow. It's due Wednesday. It's 20 points of your 100 points for the grade book for participation.

Here's the details of the assignment, copy and pasted from Google Classroom itself...


Please write a brief summary for points on what it is you did for Monday, 11/7. Symphonic band students, work on patriotic tunes today... NO holiday music for you. (Sound The Bells, America the Beautiful, Liberty Bell, or March of the Armed Forces)

This assignment can be done via Google classroom OR e-mailed to me. (mwawrzynski@uths.net)

This will count for 20 of your 100 "Daily Participation" points.

I've updated our YouTube playlists with your most recent songs. See below for links.

Concert Band = https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLikfEjUTEKIeNr_yZ_ZTFPfXILw94kHjd

Symphonic Band = https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLikfEjUTEKIe6v_KEpTXcG5baEvZF0bxs