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Information for Jazz A people...

Good morning,


The director for high school Jazz Band A, Glenn Wilson, has sent the notes below.  Please pass on to your musicians in this band.  Thanks!




Madeline Wood



Hello all.  – Glenn Wilson here.  I’m excited to get the chance to work with you on November 5.  Hope you dig the charts I picked.  As you are probably aware, we have only a few hours to rehearse some very difficult charts and get them into performance shape- not to mention spending time with improvisation.  I’m assuming you will all have your parts learned and we can spend our rehearsal time making music and not practicing parts.


Here are some links to the tunes with comments.  I would advise listening to them.  


Love For Sale –Trombones have the initial unison melody. The solos are ‘as written’ as far as form.  Alto, Trumpet and Tenor.  The tricky part is letter D31 – the transition into the key change.    


If you want to see a 1980 faster version with ME on baritone, check this one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=getxg4o1Jk8


Big Swing Face – saxes – check out the soli at letters F and G.  I’d like you to stand for it if possible.  It’s a great soli.  This chart can be opened up for various soloists on F Blues.



Well You Needn’t – features the two tenors.  Take a look at your parts Koby and Byron – I’d like you to come out front to play this but you don’t have to memorize it.  One of you solos on funk and the other on swing, so think about that.  It’s Well You Needn’t with the Monk Bridge (not the Miles bridge)  This might  be played on electric if you’re bringing both, Ian.   Sax Soli at measure 173.  



Upper Manhattan Medical Group – This is a tricky tune to blow on so soloists take a look at the changes.  It’s also on the Billy Strayhorn Jamey Aebersold  playalong and you can find other versions online.     Solos are Trombone, Trumpet and Tenor.  Any trombonist and trumpeter who wants to solo on this, learn the tune and we’ll pass the solo around if need be.



State Line Strut – based on the changes to Back Home In Indiana.  Lead Alto and 2nd Trumpet melody – check this out!  Several solo sections.  First solo can be Alto or Bari.  129 is a short Dixieland section followed by a trumpet solo. Trombone soli at 169.  I’d like you to stand for this. 



If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to write me.  My Illinois Wesleyan email is gwilson@iwu.edu.


See you soon.