St. Louis trip people,

The rest of our payments will be handled online. Please see the below attachments for registering online.

YOU MUST BE REGISTERED BY FRIDAY (9/21). Once you create your account, they will update your payments thus far received (the deposit + anything extra you gave with the deposit).

There will be a slight increase in price as they will be handling payments, but I simply will not have the time/resources to continue to take and submit payments myself.

Thanks! Please e-mail me (and not reply) with any questions you may have.



Rehearsal at UTHS tonight instead of Soule

Rehearsal Tonight:

Hello all. Change of plans. Due to weather (AGAIN!!!) we'll be at UTHS for rehearsal. We'll rehearse inside and get some of the closer under our fingers.

PARENTS: While we don't NEED you equipment pushing-wise, we could use you still for plugging in. I plan on using the gym if at all able. If it's not due to sports, we'll use the Auditorium.

Sorry for the frequent change of plans. Now you know why I don't like paper calendars. :-)


Volunteers Needed

Hello all. I need you to read this message from Mrs. Bumann below…


Please fill out this link….



With much excitement, we enter the competition season!


There will be a lot of information coming at you and I am sure you will have many questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any experienced volunteer and ask away. Even some of us with experienced folks still have questions. Things change; every week, every competition, maybe every day. The most important thing is safety and the opportunities we offer our students and their leaders in the season. It takes a lot of people to make these events happen and you will find the rewards when you see the excitement and celebrations of the students are 10-fold our efforts.

Please see the form below and select the competitions that you can either volunteer to help in some way or that you can supply water and snacks for.

Tux/Dress Message from Mrs. Minard

This message is for the families of those students who purchased a dress OR tux prior to this year. These students have been assigned a homework assignment – try on the uniform and make sure it fits. 


Students are being measured for tuxes and dresses during class. If your child needs a larger or smaller size in something, I recommend selling the used piece at half price, and purchasing new.  I say piece, because the pants can be let out/hemmed and probably have adjustable waist, so you may only want to purchase a new coat or shirt. 


If re-selling is something you want to do, you must notify Mrs. Minard by Friday, August 31, with the type of item and size. I will put you in touch with someone who is purchasing for the first time that fits that size. All dress and tux orders are due by September 15. By notifying me of changes by this Friday, then families have time to plan accordingly regarding their final order.



Juliet Minard

Assistant Band Director

Big Post - Please read...

Hello all,

Sorry for the long post... but here's some information for you all...

  • Jazz Band Sign Ups are on the board in the band room. Sign up! ALL are welcome! E-mail Metro Lyle <> with questions. Rehearsals will be before or after school.
  • Marching Band students were given RAFFLE TICKETS on Wednesday. These are CRITICAL to sell. Our booster club pays THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of dollars on behalf of our organization every year, and just shelled out $10,000 for our new uniforms. (This year alone, they've already spent $16,000 on us) - if we don't do the ONE AND ONLY THING they ask us to do (Sell one $50 raffle ticket), that support may not be there for future generations. Please consider purchasing one. It's a $10,000 prize if you win... and if you sell the winning ticket there's a prize too!
  • Parent Meeting at 6:30pm in the band room - August 21st (Tuesday) - these are USUALLY the first Tuesday of the month.
  • The Silvis Moonlight Parade is NEXT Saturday (Aug 25) - just planting that seed. Mark Times coming soon.
  • Our St. Louis Trip Itinerary is available here (Part 1 --- Part 2) - a deposit of $12.05 is due this coming Monday if you're interested. The trip will only happen if we have 1.) The right amount of people going and 2.) Balanced instrumentation for a concert-type event.
  • ILMEA (Illinois Music Education Association) All-District and All-State Auditions will happen in October at Geneseo HS. Our audition materials are on the website, and if you're interested (AND COMMITTED) to auditioning, please sign up. Keep in mind - our district pays the entry fee! It's FREE TO AUDITION for you. So, you might as well try! Our symphonic band audition packet IS the ILMEA audition packet for winds. So you've already got a leg up.
  • CLARINET AND SAXOPHONE PLAYERS - Thursday, Sept 6th after school. 3:30-5:00pm, clarinet clinic. 5-6:30pm saxophone clinic - in the band room!

Marching Band folks - stay tuned for information on Panther Preview (as I type this, I don't know if it's still happening or not).

Many thanks!

Pool Party Information

A message from Mrs. Bumann...

It's Pool Party time!!

Please see the attached Flier for information related to the party and donations items.

Please turn in the form OR you may complete the Google Form below and turn in monies and forms to:


Gloria Dzekunskas 309-781-9508 - OR

Theresa Bumann 309-235-3138 or