Marching Panther Leadership Interview

Below is the link for the leadership interviews… a few points…

  • I will send this out once, and I won’t remind anyone beyond that. It’s on you to remember your time.

  • If you’re coming during 1st, 5th, or 8th hour it MUST be during a study hall. You must procure a pass from me before coming to that interview time.

  • If a time doesn’t work for you, E-MAIL ME ( to set up a different time.

Colorguard Announcements...

From Colorguard Caption Head Kayci Hines… please contact her with any questions. Please e-mail me if you don’t yet have her contact information (

Could you push an announcement today or tomorrow announcing rehearsal Tuesday the 12th 3:30-5:30. We will also be having mandatory rehearsals every Tuesday 3:30-5:30 beginning the 19th. This first one will not be mandatory since I’m sure students have to work with this short notice. If you could also blast it to the feeders, that would be awesome!
— Kayci Hines

Concert Reminder for Tonight


Friendly reminder that we have our Pre-Festival Concert tonight at 7pm. Report time is 6:45pm. Symphonic band reports to the auditorium, concert band will report directly on stage. 

As always, the concert is free and open to the public! Dresses and tuxedos are the uniform for tonight.

Looking forward to a great performance tonight from our ensembles!

-Mr. W

SAU Honor Band Information

SAU Honor band students, see below for a message from SAU Director of Bands, Dr. Enz.

All others may disregard.

Good morning,

The St. Ambrose University Honor Band is less than a week away. Below are a few final details about the event.

Parents and students will be receiving a similar email if you provided this information.

Music - Please make sure that your students print and bring all of the music we emailed (a total of four pieces). Make sure all of the parts are well-practiced. The success of the honor band depends on preparation prior to arriving on campus!
Trumpet & Trombone players should bring necessary mutes.
Percussion students need to bring sticks and mallets.
Money for dinner - While lunch is provided, dinner is on your own. A list of nearby restaurants is attached (and will also be provided at the honor band)
Concert Dress - All festival participants are to wear their school concert band uniform/attire for the evening concert.

Registration begins at 8:00am in the Galvin Lobby, and rehearsal starts at 8:30am.
The Galvin Fine Arts Center is located at the corner of Gaines and High Streets in Davenport on the St. Ambrose Campus. Here is a clickable google map:
Parking - You may park anywhere in a campus parking lot.
All registration fees ($25 per student) need to be paid prior to the start of the festival in order for students to participate. Each school is handling this differently. Please check with your director if you do not know how the payment is being made.
Cancellations happen. Please notify me of any cancellations as soon as possible so we can modify the seating charts.

The Honor Band Festival schedule is attached to this email.
The festival concert will be held in Allaert Auditorium at 7:00pm on Saturday, March 9. Admission for directors to the concert is free.
If you need anything during the day, feel free to Jacob Matthews (the Honor Band Student Coordinator) or Terri Flynn (our Administrative Assistant) for help and they will be able to assist you.

Thank you.
— Dr. Enz

Reminders for the Week of 3/4

Hello all,

Reminders for the week…

  • Monday = Jazz Band

  • Tuesday = Pit Rehearsal

  • Wednesday = Jazz Band

  • Thursday = Prefestival Concert (Report at 6:45pm… concert begins at 7pm)

Concert Band Percussion, Monday (3/4) you’ll report to 4th period band to rehearse with the bands. We’ll determine if we need you on Thursday during the school day or not.

I’ll have your Solo & Ensemble sheets ready for you this week.

Concert This Coming Week

Hello students and parents,

Just a friendly reminder that we have our Prefestival Concert next week, Thursday, March 7th at 7pm at United Township HS. Report time will be 6:45pm for all students.

The concert will include the following…

  • Concert Band

    • Procession of the Nobles

    • Hymnsong on Phillip Bliss

    • Lightning Field

  • Concert Band Percussion Ensemble

    • Witch Doctor

  • Symphonic Band

    • Colours, Mvmt I, II, III, VI

    • Ave Maria

    • Symphonic Dance No. 3

It should be a good time for us to run our festival literature before we take it to contest on SATURDAY, APRIL 6th at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights, IL. 

Thank you everyone,

-Mr. W