Tonight (8-16) Rehearsal



This was discussed at the parent meeting last night and brought up to students, as well as in the Mark Times.


Tonight we will NOT be rehearsing from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Immediately following school we have band pictures. Weather is NOT looking promising so we'll instead be in the auditorium for our photos. 3:00pm-3:45pm or so will be the entirety of the time needed for getting into uniforms, snapping the shot, and getting out of uniform. Students who ordered shoes will be receiving them tonight as well.


From 3:45pm-5:30pm we will be rehearsing inside. Colorguard will likely be in a small gym upstairs, percussion in the band room, and winds in the choir room.


As of right now we're RESCHEDULING the rehearsal with the football team that was originally slated for 5:30pm-6:15pm or so. This weather does include lightening and thunder in the forecast, so I will not be taking the chance if it does indeed come. I will have more information for you soon.


If the weather diverts, breaks up, etc... we will quickly do the rehearsal with the football players and go from there. I'll be keeping everyone as updated as humanly possible.


Thank you for your flexibility.

Smart Music Assignment.

Smart Music...

Wind players in concert and symphonic band. You have assignments in your Smart Music account. They're due on the 18th of this month (next Friday).

If you're not signed up yet, take some time and get it done. Instructions are in the banner on the website.

Concert Band: Excerpts from Korean Folk Rhapsody (James Curnow)
Symphonic Band: Excerpts from Sun Dance (Frank Ticheli)


Morning all! THE BALLAD IS HERE! Please report to the BAND ROOM FIRST (Winds/percussion) - guard can come listen as we talk ideas for it.

Music PDF's and MP3 are in the digital files area.

Rehearsal/Seminar Reminder

Tomorrow Reminder:

Friendly reminder - tomorrow, 10am-1pm, Todd Dufault will be with us. You only need to bring a pencil and paper. Geneseo leadership will be with us, too. You'll be mixed into your section with their band. They're good people!

Everyone else, we'll see you from 6pm-8pm!

Graduation Brass Reminder

Graduation Brass Reminder:

Dress nice. This is for Saturday, June 3rd.

4:00pm: Report @ UT

4:15pm: Load Vans

4:45pm: Arrive @ iWireless. Unload, situate.

5:15pm: Play.

6:00pm: Graduation starts.

~8:30pm: Approximate arrival back to UT.


We're taking vans to mitigate the need for individual drivers/parking none-sense.

Remind - Opt in or out

Hello again,

What with the transition of classes... and the fact that band never truly stops... this post is to help both those INCOMING and OUTGOING folks get IN or OUT of the right ecosystem.

Class Codes for UT Music...
Colorguard = @utguard
Concert Band = @utconcert
Symphonic Band = @utsymph
Marching Band = @uths2k17
Percussion Class = @utperc
Parent Pit Crew = @6bgkg
Jazz Band = @uthsjazz
Full Program = @uthsband (this is rarely used - but I'd like everyone to sign up for this one just in case)

Here are instructions on how to OPT IN to any of the classes above!

Folks who are graduating or not returning to band, here's out to OPT OUT!

SmartMusic Sign-Up

Smart Music Sign Up...


Hello all. This video below is a great tutorial for how to get signed up for our new assessment system next year, Smart Music! It's all web-based (no installation of software required), and I'll be responding to more questions and the like at our marching band meeting or at the start of the year.


Before watching it - keep in mind that this is another music educator doing this for another school. Our class codes will be below. I'm also not planning (as of this post) to use Google Classroom this upcoming year. So, he has a post within HIS Google Classroom. Ignore that, THIS is your equivalent posting to get you signed up.


There are no assignments in SmartMusic yet, but Symphonic Band and Marching Band will have a few over the summer. Don't fret, it won't be anything crazy and we're going to work to implement this technology slowly.


For the video, this particular teacher makes his students put in their SCHOOL e-mail. Vets, put in your SCHOOL provided Google address and user name. For incoming freshmen, simply PUT AN E-MAIL THAT YOU CHECK REGULARLY. We'll go in and change it later after school kicks off.


Class Codes for UT Ensembles...

Marching Band = 3CAA4-TDUH6

Symphonic Band = VUD2T-KZUDH

Concert Band = FVNJD-AKFU7

End of Year Band Announcements

I suspect this will be the last "long post" of announcements for this academic year. So, here you go...

  • Dr. Fansler is the Director of Bands at Western Illinois University. He personally e-mailed us at UT to see if students would be interested in two camps they're offering.  It occurs from June 25th-30th.
    • Their Senior High Band Camp is at very low numbers. Currently...
      • Fl - 1       tpt - 2

        ob - 1      hn - 2

        bsn - 1    tbn - 3

        cl - 3       euph - 0

        b cl - 1    tuba - 3

        sax - 1    perc - 0

WIU also has a a leadership camp available. Many UT students have partaken in this event in the past. It's NOT required of our marching band leadership... but is open to everyone (including non-leadership folks) if you think this camp might be able to teach you some things.  It occurs from June 25-30th.

We have our mandatory marching band meeting on June 6th, at 6:30pm, in the UT Auditorium.

June 7th, 6pm-8pm - is our first summer rehearsal. It is mandatory that everyone be at this rehearsal as well.

We'll be holding elections for band council tomorrow, 5-25. This will occur during band.

Graduation Brass will be reporting on June 3rd for graduation. More information to come. 

A list of folks needing to take the final (if they haven't auditioned for next year - which otherwise is your final) will be posted tomorrow (5-25) outside the band room doors. 


As always, please e-mail me with questions.

Band Results

Here are your 2017-18 Band Results. Please wait until Monday to contact Mr. W ( with any questions. If you're missing from the marching band list and it's a mistake, please contact Mr. W sooner.

Concert Week - Announcements

Just some friendly announcements...

  • Jazz Band Rehearsal Wednesday, May 17th after school. 
  • Spring Concert (Jazz/Concert/Symphonic) is Thursday, May 18th. Report time is 6:30pm. There will be a senior recognition with parents between concert and symphonic band. The concert will begin at 7:00pm.
  • Band Banquet is Friday, May 19th. We'll begin dinner at 6:30pm. Awards will start around 7:15pm. If you intend on eating, please have your student bring $5/cash in an envelope to Mr. W by the end of the day Thursday. This way we can pay Fields of Pizza in advance.
  • Monday, May 22nd Lynne Stukart will give a master class to all of our flute players in both bands.
  • Wednesday, May 24th - Lojo Russo, singer and song writer, will be giving a presentation to both bands.
  • May 26th is the senior's last day.
  • Monday, May 29th there is no school - Memorial Day.
  • May 30, 31, and June 1st are finals.
  • Saturday, June 3rd - Graduation Brass at iWireless. (We'll rehearse for this during the school day after the concert) - more info TBA.
  • Monday, June 5th is a Marching Band Leadership work day. 10am-1pm. Pizza provided.
  • Tuesday, June 6th is a MANDATORY MARCHING BAND PARENT/STUDENT MEETING. 6:30pm, UTHS Auditorium. If you do not attend this meeting, you are not in marching band.
  • Wednesday, June 7th is a MANDATORY MARCHING BAND rehearsal. 6pm-8pm. The rest of our Wednesday nights are highly encouraged but not required. The first one, however, IS required.

That's it for now. Have a good day!

Wycliff Gordon - Concert/Clinic

See below for a message from Mr. McMann, Director of Bands at North Scott High School in Iowa.

Happy Friday!

We wanted to invite all of you and your students to a clinic/masterclass with Wycliffe Gordon on Tuesday, May 16th at 1:30 pm. It will take place in the North Scott High School Auditorium (200 South 1st Street, Eldridge), and it is free!

We also invite you to check him out that night as he performs with NSHS Jazz 1 at our concert. Downbeat is 6:30 with the 8th grade jazz band, followed by NSHS Jazz 2, and then Jazz 1 with Wycliffe Gordon. Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for students/seniors. If you have never heard him play, look him up on YouTube- the man is CRAZY good!

Please see the attached concert flyer- hope to see you there!
— Mr. McMann - Director of Bands, North Scott HS


Hello all,

Your friendly neighborhood band director with some more announcements....

  • We have a marching camp this Saturday, 10am-1pm. Free. If you intend on being in marching band this year, it is expected you be there as this is our last camp of the school year before summer rehearsals. Bring an instrument or sticks, water, and any music you've been given if you came to previous camps. See you there!
  • Our band awards are quickly coming up. If you haven't filled out the form for your rewards materials, please do so by this weekend. So far, out of ~150 students, ~100 have submitted their forms.
  • Speaking of awards night - we're asking that folks bring $5 for pizza/beverages and for some folks to bring a dessert dish for the food portion of the evening. This can be turned into the band office.
  • Marching Band Leadership... Monday, June 6th we'll be having a work day in the band room from about 10am-1pm. Mr. W will provide pizza for your services. More to come.
  • Also, marching band leadership folks - I'm asking you bring in $22.50 (cash or check) for a leadership seminar that we're teaming up with Geneseo on. Todd DuFault has been to UTHS in the past and is an amazing educator. He'll be able to give you the tools needed to help with team building, problem-solving, and continuing to build on our already positive community.
  • Jazz band will meet on Wednesday the 10th immediately following school. This change in time is due to Senior Awards night. We'll be rehearsing "Sentimental Mood"
  • Thursday, May 11th I'll need three-four volunteers to help man the booth at our Activity Night. 5pm-6pm. 
  • On Monday, May 15th Blackhawk Orchestra will be having a concert in our auditorium. I believe it kicks off at 7pm or so. Come on down and listen to some UT students perform in this group.
  • Wednesday, May 17th will be our final jazz band rehearsal of the year. We'll be running everything for the concert.
  • Thursday, May 18th is our concert. It's free and will begin at 7pm.
  • Friday, May 19th is our awards banquet in the auditorium.
  • Saturday, June 3rd will be commencement brass at iWireless for graduation! More information on that to come.

Band Parent Meeting Bullet Points

Hello all, here are the bullet points from our parent meeting on 5/2.

  • Tentative calendar released for the summer and next year.  These dates are pending confirmation from the school but will help in your planning throughout the year. Dates can be added or detracted at this point in time. Some marching contests are still up in the air.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Verschoore are starting a Non-Profit to support UTHS and our partner schools in order to raise funds to send students to music camps. This will take awhile to develop, but is a very generous thing they've begun to handle. If you find a grant that might fit this bill, please send to them or myself.
  • The tentative schedule for next year (pending any issues with scheduling, etc.) will likely be
    • 1st Pd - Prep
    • 2nd Pd - World Drums
      •      This is a class for students who didn't join band, and are interested in receiving fine arts/language credit. Basic notation, African & Caribbean hand drumming, and research will be done in this class. This period may change to 1st or 3rd depending on the needs of the master schedule.
        • 3rd Pd - Sectionals
        •      This is time that will be spent taking students from study hall and working on band music that is necessary.
        • 4th Pd - Concert Band (1st Q = Wawrzynski Lunch)
          •      1st Quarter this class will be taught by Mrs. Minard. This is for any student in concert band that is not in marching band. Students will be working on the basics of their instrument and will put on one small concert during the end of 1st quarter.
        •      2nd/3rd/4th quarters this class will have the other concert band members join, once marching band class is over.
        • 5th Pd - Marching Band (1st Q)
          •      Anyone involved with the Marching Panthers must enroll in this class. This period will serve as the students' 2nd/3rd/4th Q PE class once marching season is over.
          •  6th Pd - Symphonic Band
            •     This will remain the same as years past. The premiere ensemble at United Township High School's instrumental department.
            • 7th Pd - Percussion
            •      Both concert and symphonic band percussionists will enroll in this class. Due to the highly individualized, soloistic nature of this section - UT is adopting this class, as many schools around the country have, in order to improve the individualized education of the percussionist. We will form a percussion ensemble, perform solos and small ensembles for one another, as well as for contest. In addition, we will continue to supplement the wind sections with their literature as well. Students will rehearse 1 or 2 times with the wind ensembles prior to a performance, wherein the percussion class will act as a study hall on those days to make up for the time they may be pulled from class. There are 2 sections of percussion class, concert & symphonic.