Lightning Field MP3 for Percussion

Rehearsal marks in recording...

Top-A = 0:00-1:02

A-B = 1:02-1:17

B-C = 1:17-1:36

C-D = 1:36-1:50

D-E = 1:50-2:06

E-F = 2:06-2:19

F-G = 2:19-2:35

G-H = 2:35-2:56

H-I = 2:56-3:14

I-J = 3:14-3:30

J-K = 3:30-3:50

K-L = 3:50-4:10

L-M = 4:10-4:31

M-N = 4:31-4:44

N-O = 4:44-4:54

O-End = 4:54-End

The Big Post of Forms to Fill Out

January Announcements (Please read)

Hello - please see below for announcements for January…

  • We are cancelling tonight’s meeting and all “monthly band parents meetings” moving forward. I will instead be making a newsletter that I will blast out.

    • The reasoning for this is that everything I cover in a meeting, I end up putting online anyway. We have no account that we control that requires parent voting - and as such it’s a redundant practice that I found unnecessary after 2.5 years.

    • I will continue to reach out for volunteers for specific things. Speaking of volunteers, I will be pushing out a request form to NOMINATE and then VOTE on interested volunteer coordinators. I will have more information within the forms themselves ASAP.

    • If we ever need to HAVE a meeting (i.e. next year’s Solo & Ensemble hosting) - we will certainly call those meetings.

  • St. Louis Reminder: Please fill out the permissions packet and turn in to Mr. W as soon as you can. Please make sure you’re on top of your payments - the sum total is due before we depart, but make sure you’re not having to put down a lump sum right before summer vacation.

  • Jazz Band: Plan on rehearsing tomorrow (1/9) after school. I haven’t heard back from Mr. Lyle yet but will let you know as soon as I do.

  • St. Ambrose Honor Band - this will occur on Saturday, March 8th. Nominations will be due February 1st. I will send out a form announcement later for those who are interested. The costill be $25/student. This includes instruction, lunch, and a shirt.

  • Augustana GOLD Honor Band - please check the Google Drive. The final piece has been added. (Kunihild)

  • Colorguard Clinic & Auditions - These will occur February 4th-7th (Monday-Thursday) with auditions proper happening on Friday, the 8th. 4:30pm-7:00pm.

  • Symphonic Band Trumpets - you have a sectional on Thursday, 7:15am-7:45am. Mvmt 1.

  • Symphonic Band Clarinets - you have a sectional on Friday, 7:15am-7:45am. Mvmt 2 & 3.

  • Symphonic Band - Jan 14th - Evening Rehearsal - 6pm-8pm.

  • Jacob Sommer - I will have All-State information available for you soon.

  • Friday, Jan 11th - Basketball pep band.

Concessions & Symphonic Rehearsal

Hello, three messages from your band director and concessions coordinator:

Happy New Year!! We have a couple of games coming up in the next week or so that we will need volunteers for. If you could send out an email blast to get some volunteers, that would be wonderful. I posted it on the Band FB page and tried the Marching Band page as well.

The games are:

*Jan 11th @ 6 & 7:30 (need 8 people for each game) - already have 1 person

*Jan 12th @ 11 a.m. (need 2 people)

*Jan 18th @ 6 & 7:30 (need 9 people for each game) - already have 2 people signed up for this night.

*Jan 23rd @ 5:30 (need 2 people)

They can either email me, text me or message me on FB with what date(s) and time(s) they are able to help out. Thank you so much!! I truly appreciate it!!
— Cindy Carelton -
Symphonic Band Rehearsal Tomorrow (Monday) - 1/7/18 from 6pm-8pm.
— Mr. Wawrzynski
Band Parent Meeting on Tuesday, January 8th - 6:30pm in the UT Band Room. We’ll be voting on a new volunteer coordinator.
— Mr. Wawrzynski