Audition Music for 2018-2019 School Year

Hello all. Here is how auditions for the UTHS Band Program work...

  • There are three performing ensembles at UTHS. The Marching Panthers, Symphonic Band, and the Concert Band.
  • For WIND PLAYERS (non-percussionists) - when you are heard by Mr. W, you are doing BOTH your PART PLACEMENT for Marching Band (there are no "chairs" in marching band, simply part assignments) as well as your chair placement within the Concert/Symphonic Band.
  • If you wish to be considered for the nationally recognized Symphonic Band, you must prepare the ILMEA District and All-State etudes. They are one-in-the-same (meaning you use the same music for District level auditions as you do for All-State). They're more commonly known as the "ILMEA etudes"
    • This particular year is Set III (of III). There are TWO etudes per instrument.
  • If you don't wish to be considered for symphonic band, there is an alternate set of etudes you must perform for Mr. W
  • Your audition will be comprised of three parts...
    • Etudes (either concert etudes or ILMEA - but not both)
    • Scales (provided in the packet and may be performed with the music in front of you)
    • Short sight reading segment
  • Percussionists... you will have a custom packet of music to prepare. You will also have a few scales and some basic sight reading to perform both on a mallet instrument and snare. THIS WILL BE COMING SOON!

AS OF MARCH 1st (and the creation of this page) the ILMEA music is below. In the interest of time I will not be able to hear the entire thing from each individual SO - I will be updating this page soon with the concert level etudes as well as BRACKETS for the ILMEA music to make it more manageable and time efficient. For now, I'm just getting these etudes out there! I will also be updating this with percussion audition music later as well.

***NEW AS OF 3/27*** Bracket assignments for symphonic auditions


SCALES (first four lines, last two lines)

LINK TO GOOGLE DRIVE FOLDER FOR SET III (As of 3/27, percussion uploaded)